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Bo Approved Products for Clients

These Products have been researched by Bo and are clean Products you can trust with no silicones, no or super minimal non plant based ingredients. I want my clients to use only clean, safe, healthy products, that are good for you and the environment. 

Click on the names below to be taken to their website.

K18- Hair  Leave-in mask or Repair Oil. This mask and hair oil will prevent and stop all forms of hair breakage. It uses an amino acid to completely rebuild hair.

Drunk Elephant   Lani Latherless Cleanser. This is a one step cleaning conditioners for all hair types.

Hair Care

Shea Moisture  super affordable clean hair car, body care, and skin care product. some of their products can be found at metier and Kroger.

Yarok   Clean product built around different searchable hair types. Complete lines of shampoo and styling products

Rare Elements     product line that uses more unusual hard to find ingredients in their products. Very clean line with a moderate price range.

Under Luna     Shampoo and conditioner line that offers plastic free minimal line. they use affordable refills with recyclable aluminum bottles.

Bondi Boost Products for everyone and every hair type, but special attention on  Blonde clients, who want to tone while they shampoo and condition while strengthening  their lightened hair (blonde Baby Shampoo).


Evolvh   makes Shampoo, Conditioners, styling products,Serums, and hair oils.

Lolavie     Offers Shampoo, Conditioners, and a body wash.

HairStory     Main Product is (Hair Wash) they use refill bags after your first purchase to save money and use less plastic. They offer styling products as well.

Innersense  100% plant based product line that was build and designed for curly hair clients. They also make products for all hair types. they offer shampoo, conditioners, and style products that are 100% plant based.

Rahua    They offer shampoo, conditions, and styling products and refill bags to cut down on plastic waste and safe a little money.

Viori  100% plastic free by offering bars of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand wash instead of plastic bottles .

Zuma Nutrition Zach choose for his hair at home. This line provides shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and supplement that are 100% plant based. This Shampoo and conditioner line is amazing for any Scalp issues from hair loss, Psoriasis, dandruff, or if you just want to have an amazing healthy hair and scalp. Not recommended for lightens blonde hair as it is a natural brown colored shampoo and conditioner.

Briogeo Only purchase or buy their superfood line. The superfood line is the one product line they offer that is a clean shampoo and conditioner line. No other products from them are Bo Approved!

Babo  Botanicals I recommend this line for finding healthy swimmer products, shampoo, and conditioners. they offer a huge range of baby care products, lotions, body washes, shampoo and conditioners.

Sienna Naturals    Curley Hair clients will love this product line as it is geared towards those with curls.

Ceremonia  Shampoo, conditioner, and styling products for med, corse, and curly hair clients.

Hair & SkinCare

Hero Cosmetics    affordable

Native  affordable

Zatik  affordable

Erbavia  Dental care for babies & Mamas- star product is Buzz Spray


Jack Henry  one-step Cleanser

John Masters 

100% Pure 


Drunk Elephant 

Ursa Major Star Product Hello Hindi

Bathing Culture 

Necessaire Plastic Free


By Humankind Plastic Free

Cleure For Sensitive Hair,skin, and scalp Products (Hypoallergenic)



Body Care
Vitamins and supplements
Healing starts on the inside

Anima Mundi Apothecary 

Life extension Zach/bo use this product line.

Toniq Zach/bo use this product line. these are super potent supplements and herbs, developed at the max daily potency.

For The Home

Force of Nature Zach/bo use this product in our home for just about everything. This product using vinegar and salt to make a powerful natural cleaner, which is stronger than bleach. this cleaner is environmentally friendly and safe for pets and people. This 100% safe product can be sprayed on your fruit and vegetables to kill everything and then rise off. It is an EPA registered disinfectant which will deodorize, and sanitize as a multi purpose cleaner. This cleaner eliminates pet stains/and smell, antibacterial, anti fungal, kills covid, kills germs, kill e-coli.  it cost only a couple pennies per ounce to make and cuts down on plastic waste.

Branch basics



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